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Academic Policies

Granting of Associate Degrees

The college is authorized by the State of New Jersey to grant the Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, the Associate in Science, and the Associate in Applied Science degrees to regularly matriculated students upon successful completion of study. Each program contains a general education core consisting of courses in communications, mathematics, physical and biological sciences, technologies, humanities, and social science as well as required courses and elective courses. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all graduation requirements.

Degree Requirements

  • The number of semester hours of credit as specified by the program (usually 60 to 66).
  • A minimum quality point average of 2.00 for all work applied toward a degree or certificate. A minimum C grade is required in any degree or certificate course crucial to the major, as indicated in the catalog listing of the program.
  • The successful completion of all academic and course requirements of a degree program as specified in the college catalog either in effect at the time of the application for graduation or in effect at the time of the student's original matriculation in the program, provided that not more than 10 academic years passed prior to the intended graduation date and the student has maintained continuous attendance.
  • All courses must have been satisfactorily completed within 10 years of the date of intended graduation in order to be included as meeting course graduation requirements, except in allied health and flight technology programs with a time limit of five years. The academic division may, at its discretion, recertify courses taken outside of these time limits.
  • Satisfactory completion of a minimum number of credit courses approved as General Education. In accordance with college standards, these minimum requirements are reflected in the catalog listing of each program:
    a.  45 credits for the Associate in Arts degree
    b.  30 credits for the Associate in Science degree
    c.  21 credits for the Associate in Applied Science degree
    d.  21 credits for the Associate in Fine Arts degree
    e.  three credits of English composition for the certificate
  • All elective courses must be selected from among the courses included in the designated category. A student may not elect a course below his or her placement level in a discipline. It is essential that any questions about electives be reviewed with an advisor familiar with the program.
  • Fulfillment of health and fitness requirement by completion of HPE 110 or 111.
  • Satisfaction of all financial obligations to the college.
  • Submission of the Application for Graduation form available in the Student Records office, with payment of the graduation fee.
  • Participation in graduation exercises is encouraged.

Academic Foundations Credits

English composition, reading, and mathematics courses below the 101 level as well as Student Development (STU) prepare students to succeed in college-level programs. To earn a degree, students must complete at least 60 credits in courses above this level.

Multiple Degrees

Students are permitted to earn multiple degrees by completing all requirements for each degree. Completed courses from one degree can be used to fulfill requirements for another degree.

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