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International Students

What Students Say About Mercer...

Mercer is like a small family, which is very important when you are here alone as a foreign student. Everyone tries to help you get used to the new environment. The programs for international students help you meet other students.

Mercer offers highly competitive classes, state-of-the-art technology, well-equipped facilities and skilled instructors.

In every single room at Mercer,I found amicable people who were always ready to help me. Right from the beginning, they made me feel like I was part of the "Mercer family.” The variety of programs that the college offers gave me the exact courses which fit into my plans and aspirations.

Coming to Mercer has been wonderfully exhilarating experience. Mercer's staff is second to none. The people really care about not only foreign students but all students. I feel like I found a second family here at Mercer. It doesn't matter what your needs may be. You find the necessary help at Mercer. Everyone has been a contributing factor to my success as a student. I trust my teachers and counselors. Most importantly, Mercer has allowed me to fit in as a student and an athlete. I recommend Mercer wholeheartedly.

This college is like our home in the US. The staff and students are very friendly and cooperative. The courses are tough, but the teachers make the studies pleasurable.

Mercer offers a great opportunity to see what America is like. The college has a lot of students with different backgrounds and occupations. The international community is also impressive since people of many nations attend Mercer.

I was always accepted in all of my classes and valued for my contributions. I enjoyed all of my courses and learned a lot to prepare me for my future.
LYNDA PRESLEY (United Kingdom)

When I came to Mercer, I never thought that I would experience so many wonderful moments and make a lot of friends from the US and other countries. People who work at Mercer are always there to help everyone. When I graduate, I am going to miss Mercer, but I will always come back.

Mercer is one of the best schools for foreign students. The understanding and friendly manner of the professors put you at ease immediately. You can always ask for help whenever you have any questions. Mercer has a high level of teaching facilities. The variety of activities for foreign students is interesting. Studying at Mercer is a pleasant experience.

If you are apprehensive about studying in the US, the lovely ambiance at Mercer puts you at ease. Assistance in every aspect is available at all times. Academically, I found the faculty to be very caring. They take great pains to get the best out of the students.

I have found the members of the Mercer community to be gentle, polite and very helpful. The instructors and staff are highly qualified. They work hard to provide students with the best services.

From the moment I come to Mercer, I felt that I was welcome. I was able to obtain help with my immigration concerns and my adjustment to a new academic and social environment.

Mercer has given me great experiences and friends to treasure. Everyone is very friendly. With the next semester around the comer, I can hardly wait to experience all the pleasant, warm and loving activities that are usually set up for international students. With all the love and friendship one receives at Mercer, one rarely has an opportunity to get homesick!

Mercer gave me so many treasures of life experiences: a pleasant Thanksgiving dinner at the house of the president of Mercer, two warm and fragrant Christmas eves with my conversation partner's family and three enjoyable concerts at which I received ardent applause after my Chinese instrument solo. Mercer also gave me a lot of help in studying and living in America.

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