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A Guide for Late Financial Aid Applicants

  • When is it too late to get financial aid?
    We will process your FAFSA for any funds that may still be available whenever you apply. However, FAFSAs or required documents received by the Financial Aid office during the month of August for fall semester or January for spring semester will not be approved in time to pay your tuition.

  • If you received my FAFSA, why can't I get financial aid right away?
    Before awarding financial aid, Mercer has to comply with many complex federal and state regulations. We must take the time necessary to review your academic history, obtain documents, verify your FAFSA information, and correct any errors. There are no shortcuts.

  • What can I do now?
    You have two options. You may contact the Bursar's office about a monthly payment plan or you may postpone your enrollment until you receive your financial aid award letter.

  • If I pay now and my financial aid arrives later, will I get my money back?
    Yes, but only if you attend class and qualify for enough financial aid to cover your payment.

  • If I can't pay, will I have to postpone my enrollment until next semester?
    No, you can enroll in one of our late-starting sessions. For example, our 10-week session begins five weeks after the start of our standard 15-week semester. If you submit all required documents right away, you should have your financial aid award letter by then.

  • What are the financial aid deadlines?
    There are many programs each with different deadlines. To be considered for every federal, state and college financial aid program at Mercer, your FAFSA must be received at by May 1st for the fall semester or October 1st for the spring semester.